Toys are not just for kids – Why adults should explore toys in their love lives

Toys R Us is our favorite toy store. The displays are so vibrant that we love to go there.

It’s fun to go to adult toys stores with couples because they have the same displays, but the imagery is not family-friendly.

duong vat gia While we are excited that adult toys are becoming more mainstream, we also know that there are many people who aren’t comfortable with the idea of using what was once called “marital aids”. For fear of their neighbors saying something, or because they feel that these toys are used only by swingers and people obsessed with sex, many couples will not even go to an adult video store or toy shop.

We have some good news for you, being sexologists for almost a decade, because your neighbors are probably there.

While toys can be beneficial and a welcome addition to a couple’s bedroom, we understand why so many people don’t venture behind the curtain to discover what’s there. We’ve compiled a list of reasons that we have heard over the years and added a bit more insight to help you understand them.

Only Dirty People Use These – Some couples may have a slight prudishness about sex toys. This is due to the compressed conflict of sexuality in America. We use sex to buy cars, beer, and Web site domains (thanks GoDaddy for the cheesecake!) We use sex to sell cars, beer, Web site domains (thanks for the cheesecake, GoDaddy!) and even corn chips. But we are not open about our sexuality. Sex isn’t dirty unless you consider it dirty. Sex is healthy, enjoyable, and necessary to have a long-lasting romantic relationship. It’s like eating to be ashamed of having sex. When consenting adults allow it, it’s an acceptable and healthy human activity. Toys are not used to enhance the sexual experience, even though sex isn’t considered dirty. Although it may seem strange to first visit an adult toy shop, you might find yourself having a lot of fun.
Toys are only for masturbation – As the sexual revolution developed, women were empowered to have their sexual desires and no partner. Vibrators and other toys were quickly popularized and became synonymous with masturbation. However, this is not the only purpose of vibrators. Many toys can be much more fun and effective when used with a partner. You don’t have to be a sexologist in order to understand this. All you need is some basic geometry. It’s easy to see that a partner can do more with toys than a woman using her own arm. This is because she can move in a much wider range of angles than a woman who uses her own arm. Many toys today can be used by partners and are almost ineffective for masturbation. Let’s forget about the negative connotations toys once had. Certain games are more enjoyable when played with two people.
Toys will Replace Me as a Partner. – Some partners worry that toys might deliver experiences and sensations that cannot be replicated by human to human interaction. They fear that toys will replace them in bed. There are many toys these days that can be very intimidating, such as the Sybian and swivel-headed vibrators. Many a partner has had to lift a woman off the ground after trying some of the most innovative products on the market. A toy can’t replace the intimate relationship that two people have. The brain is the largest and most important organ of the body. No matter how powerful the toy, they have yet not been able to market anything that can match the imagination and creativity of the human brain. You will become an integral part of your partner’s sexual lives by enjoying toys together. Your role will remain secure so long as you share your heart and imagination.

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