Animation – Understanding and acting on the Creative Process

Many people have asked me my opinion on the animated film. Was the animation enjoyable? Was the script enjoyable? What was my opinion about the characters? How can I make a movie? How do I develop a story? What is the average time it takes?

The first thing I do when I watch a movie is to enjoy it. I don’t watch films with “fans”. Why? It should be a personal experience. I don’t want someone to say, “Oh, that’s so and such from the other series whatever it-was.” I want to watch and experience the film as the actors/voices/characters were chosen because they were the most appropriate choice artistically and esthetically. sunday999 I don’t want my life to be relegated to entertainment news, the theatre or the everyday. I was born to escape into another realm. I want to enjoy the story and the soundtrack, and soak up the visuals.

After watching the film the first time, and if it has stirred my appreciation gene, I go back to it in its entirety. You will be able to see what I missed in the first viewing. I pay attention to subtle details such as background shots, scene transitions and the design of characters. I am able to see subtle nuances and gestures in the script and can appreciate the choreography, timing and artisticity of the action scenes. There are films that I have seen more than 10 times.

Students can redraw the scene and help me analyze it if there is a good storyboarding sequence. Good cinematography is something that we all can appreciate, no matter whether it’s animated or live-action. You can still learn from the work of animators, filmmakers, and artists no matter how old a film may be. There’s a story to be told, a vision shared, and a world to explore.

Next, people ask me if I envy or jealous of the work of others. That question has never been answered to my satisfaction. When I see great work, I’m always inspired and delighted. It is possible that the questioner may be jealous of my work or just waiting to be made a derogatory or callous comment about it. It is hard work to create anything. I understand how hard it is to focus and how much time it takes from family, friends, or others who want to help you in your creative endeavors. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has the passion and the focus to convince someone else to give them the money and resources they need to help your vision. Learning by doing is the ultimate lesson.

I find a nugget or a spark in my brain when I choose a project. Then I start to think about the character. Who and what are they? What their environment is? Where do they live? How do they walk? With whom they interact? What makes them happy, sad or angry? Next, I add another. Then I brainstorm, like “What if this character were put in that situation?” This is how I create a rough story. Then, I relax and get on with something else. I am working on an ending.

This character should experience something. This character should have accomplished something. Their journey should be meaningful to the viewer. Now I can go backwards. This creates a stronger story. It doesn’t take much to realize that the characters have found themselves in a difficult situation. You can already see the end if you look backwards through the story.

After you have done this, leave the story alone for 24 hours. Next, read the story aloud to yourself. Then explain or read it to another person. This will help you to solve more story problems.

After many reworks, it is now possible to work on the visuals. This is where you can create the amazing creative animation for your movie. But at least you have a solid foundation from which to build the story. As you see your film come together in full color, the best is possible.

These are some numbers to keep in mind. There are 30 frames per second (video). You will need to create 900 images per hour if you’re animating or shooting at 15 drawings per second. You can generate 450,000 elements per minute if you have 10 characters with 50 elements each image. You will need to create 40,000,000 elements if your film is 90 minutes long. Each element takes 5 minutes to create. This is equivalent to 20,250,000 hours, 421,875 days, 84,375 weeks, or 1622.6 year. You are blessed to have 500 friends who will help you complete it in 3.245 hours. You still need to compose the soundtrack.

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